A little bit about UnderDogs!

UnderDogs – The store of today! We create unique urban style clothing. The clothing designs of UnderDogs makes males exclain, “Wow! Sweet!” While the females state, “Awww.. So cute!” or everyone in general who says, “Dayum!”

UnderDogs has a variety of styles and everything that is sold is nothing but mesh. It is our job make sure our customers enjoy our items as much as we have enjoyed making them. Male and female clothing are available. We have been around for awhile, but we have been constantly growing very rapidly releasing atleast 20 items per week.

Although the store is owned by two people, Rolando Lyric and Syngravez Resident, there are two designers that hide in the background, Nia Smithson and Lillith Ormega. Our goal is to bring a whole new inspiration to the grid with unique styles inspired by instinct, imperfection and today’s pop media.